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They speak English. Why should I learn their language?

Christmas tree in my Parents' house

Christmas tree in my Parents’ house

First off, best wishes for 2013! May you dream big, and take new steps to realize your dream this year. If you dream large, you may not realize it all this year. But I hope you’ll make great progress this year!

Sorry for the lack of posts on this blog recently. I have spent Christmas with my parents in the Netherlands. I had Internet access, but wanted to spend more time with family. And now I’m back in Singapore and picking up the regular schedule.

Being “unwired” for a while was great and really inspired me to double up my efforts for Yago and this blog. I realized again how important it is to speak other peoples’ languages.

Here are a few examples.

1. I’m sure people in South America understand English?

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Because love indeed conquers all.

They say that the easiest and most natural way to learn a language is to fall in love. I am inclined to agree; having witnessed this phenomenon personally. My youngest sister married a man from another world and learned his language along the way. She was just a kid when she met him; 19 years old and breathtaking in her youth. He was a few years older and handsome enough to catch her eye.

They met at a wedding; which is quite possibly the best place for two single people to meet. It’s instant ready-made romance, free for the taking. They played the eye contact game from across the room until he got up the nerve to take that very long walk to her table. He held out his hand and pointed at the dance floor. They danced for hours and only stopped when the wedding planner dragged them off to the cake-cutting ceremony.

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