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Where to learn Korean in Singapore?

Korean / English Keyboard

Korean keyboard. Photo by knittymary

If you want to learn Korean in Singapore, you’ll find no lack of language schools that offer Korean classes.

In our directory, you can find an overview of most Korean classes that are available in Singapore.

There are so many that you may be a bit bewildered on how to choose.

Many discussions in forums and blogs are just about comparing one school to another and finding the “best” one.

But what’s “best” for your friend, may not be best for you. It depends on what you want to achieve. Here are a few common scenarios and suggestions on what to choose.

Scenario 1: You’re a beginner Korean learner and want to study part-time (evenings or weekends)

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Learn Korean: Singapore has a new option!

10% Off Intensive Korean course - On Yago onlyJust last year, GEOS celebrated their 15-year anniversary in Singapore.

And now they’ve just opened their first Korean class.

So far, they have specialized in English. Even up to today, many of their students come from Japan and Korea to learn English in Singapore.

Quite probably, some of the Japanese students will also take up Korean. And you may run into “live” Korean students while at the school to take your Korean lessons.

Why did GEOS decide to start offering Korean language?

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