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Where to learn Korean in Singapore?

Korean / English Keyboard

Korean keyboard. Photo by knittymary

If you want to learn Korean in Singapore, you’ll find no lack of language schools that offer Korean classes.

In our directory, you can find an overview of most Korean classes that are available in Singapore.

There are so many that you may be a bit bewildered on how to choose.

Many discussions in forums and blogs are just about comparing one school to another and finding the “best” one.

But what’s “best” for your friend, may not be best for you. It depends on what you want to achieve. Here are a few common scenarios and suggestions on what to choose.

Scenario 1: You’re a beginner Korean learner and want to study part-time (evenings or weekends)

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Study English in Singapore: How much time do I need?

Open book in hands, being leafed through quickly.This is a question we often hear. The answer depends all on your personal situation. Here are a the main questions that will help you decide how long you need.

1. What is your English level now and where do you want to reach?

If you’ve done an IELTS test, this is pretty easy to determine. The general rule of thumb is that to increase your IELTS score by one full point, you need about one month. So if you score IELTS 5.0 now and need to reach 7.0, you will need two months.

2. What is your pace of learning?

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In Focus: GEOS Language Centre

The native English teachers at GEOS

GEOS’ English teachers: All native speakers

Tucked away behind the Paragon sits the Thong Sia Building, where GEOS Language Centre occupies the entire 5th floor. GEOS is currently celebrating it’s 15 year anniversary, and all this time they have been located in the Orchard area: Orchard Towers, Shaw House, Wellington Building, and now the Thong Sia Building.

When you step in, the first thing you notice is the brightness of the interior, the logo is on the wall, and the walls and doors are all GEOS blue-and-yellow. Next to the information counter is a wall with lots of faces of students, young and old. This is certainly a school that isn’t afraid to be different.

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