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IELTS Writing tip: Useful Phrases for the Writing paper – Part 2

Yellow Taxi in Singapore

“These days, traffic congestion is an ever increasing problem in many countries”

I mentioned in my previous post that it is good to memorize some writing phrases for the IELTS Writing paper. As an IELTS writing tip to you, I’d like to share some practical examples of this.

To begin your Writing Task 2 essay

Let’s start with Writing Task 2 first. There are a few common types of questions in this Task. Yet for each type you’re most likely asked to deal with a social topic which is of current interest. Because of this, it is possible to start the essay with a sentence that includes a generic phrase. Some examples of this include:

“These days, NOUN PHRASE is an ever increasing problem in many countries.”

You can fill in the noun phrase to create sentences like these:

“These days, traffic congestion is an ever-increasing problem in many countries.”

“These days, obesity is an ever-increasing problem in many countries.”

Or take this generic phrase:

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IELTS Writing Paper: Is it OK to memorize useful phrases? – Part 1

Girl studying for IELTSIf you’re taking the IELTS exam, you would probably agree that the most difficult paper is the Writing paper. You may be able to carry out a conversation with others decently in spoken English yet still find writing a challenge. This is because when it comes to writing, grammatical accuracy is hugely important.

The problem for most students taking the IELTS is that their grammar is far from where it should be. And very often, students only have a month or two before sitting for the exam. This is especially so for those taking the General Training paper for migration purposes or those sitting for the Academic paper for postgraduate studies.

Add to this the fact that one’s grammar is not something that can be easily transformed within a short period of time and we’ll start to understand the difficulties involved in getting a credible score for the Writing paper.

With the above context in mind, what would be the best way for you to prepare for the IELTS Writing paper?

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Learn English first. Then think of a degree.

Chinglish sign

Before you start studying for a degree, it’s important that you can express yourself well in both written and spoken English.

James Cook University Singapore turned away 16 students for not speaking English well enough, according to The Straits Times.

English Reality
How can you benefit from any good quality diploma or degree course if your English language is dodgy?

You can’t.

Requirement Reasoning
If your English is not up to the mark, don’t even contemplate a diploma or degree.

Learn English first.

Requirements are there for a reason.

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7 Tips for Preparing for the IELTS Listening Test

You spent so long with the headphones on, listening to different passages and sentences in English, that you were considering having them surgically fitted to your ears!

Then the test comes along and you freeze because you hear a different accent and you lose track of what they’re saying!

That could be you but listen up! Today I have some advice for you about preparation for the IELTS listening test, so that doesn’t happen to you.

There’s no reason why you can’t face that section confidently and with a full understanding of what’s coming your way. Knowing what’s coming and preparing for it is key, so we take you through the basic structure and then some preparation tips that will help you relax during the actual text.

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7 Tips for Preparing for the IELTS Reading Test

If you can read and follow this blog post then you are certainly doing all right with your English reading, but how do you tackle the reading section of the IELTS test to prove it?

Many people find the reading part of the test tough-going because they haven’t prepared well enough for it. Below we look at the structure of the reading section and then pass on tips for you to prepare and take the test to achieve the results that reflect your true abilities.

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7 Tips for Preparing for the IELTS Speaking Test

You practice lines for hours under no pressure and are absolutely “nailing it”…then the speaking test part of IELTS comes around and suddenly everything that flowed before becomes a horrible tongue twister and nothing seems right….right? You wouldn’t be the first to experience this – pressure does funny things to you; just ask any professional golfer about that! So this post is about preparing for the speaking test so that you can handle anything that is thrown at you…but first a look at the test itself, so that you are familiar with the structure.

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7 Tips for Preparing for the IELTS Writing Test

A hand writing textFollowing on from my earlier post about IELTS test preparation, I was pleased to see a wealth of advice and information out there for students preparing for each of the four sections of the test.

It really is such a crucial test for many international students, and can pave the way for future qualifications and career moves, so palms can get a little sweaty!

In this post I have gathered together seven of the best tips out there for making the Writing part of the test a little less daunting.

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How To Prepare Yourself For IELTS… Without The Stress!

IELTS logoMany students reading this blog will be preparing for the IELTS exam. If you’re looking for iron-clad, sure-fire ways to pass, or a series of shortcuts, then I’m afraid I’m here to shatter your dreams!

But once you awaken from that dream, I will hopefully brighten your day and make it a little less stressful, with a few IELTS test preparation tips so that you have a better chance of passing the exam.

IELTS tests your ability at each of the four major language skills – speaking, reading, writing and listening. So let’s look at each area and pass on advice from students who have scored exceptionally well at it.

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How to take the IELTS test in Singapore

Whether you are an English learner or have been speaking English for a long time, there are situations in which it’s unavoidable to become IELTS certified. Such as when you’re planning to migrate to or go to University in an English speaking country.

In this post, I’m summarizing the nuts and bolts on taking the IELTS test in Singapore.

What is the IELTS exactly?

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For language certification, don’t count on your school

“Will this school award a language certificate when I complete the course?” is a question many people ask before they join a course.

Most schools do. But don’t count on it being much use to you. Schools write up the certificates and standards themselves, and they have little use outside of the particular language school.

Here are the more useful language certification options – which will help you to get you visas, University admissions and jobs.

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