Six Great Podcasts for Learning English

When we have learned a new language, we will usually say we “speak” it. As in: “I speak English”. But what good is it to be able to speak English, if you cannot understand what others say?

If you are learning English, Podcasts can be a great way to exercise your listening skills. Listen to them on the go and you’ll easily squeeze in an extra hour of learning time every day.

Here are 6 podcasts for learning English that I can recommend:

  1. The English We Speak is a podcast by the BBC which focuses on a specific English phrase each week.  Each phrase is something that you can use in your everyday life.  Though useful, it should not be your only reference for learning, as it only highlights a phrase each week.  It’s a good supplement though, to make your speaking more natural.
  2. Learning English is an audio book that helps build your English vocabulary. If you have a Kindle, it’s available for free download from Amazon.
  3. Pimsleur English is another audio book that you can download. If you are learning English from Spanish or Cantonese speaker, they have special podcasts for you.
  4. Podcasts in English is like a hub for whatever type of English you want to learn; for making your speaking more natural.
  5. ESLPod is another resource for English as a Second Language learners. It’s good because it has complete transcripts of the podcasts and it has a variety of themes with which you can choose from.
  6. Audio learning doesn’t always have to be that structured though. Voice of America has podcasts of news and other practice materials in store.  If you’re on iTunes or with Google Reader, you can choose which ones to subscribe to.

Which podcasts work well for you? Are you listening to podcasts I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

About Hazel Fajardo

Based in the Philippines, Hazel is a student of chemical engineering with a broad interest in life around her. She has been teaching English as a Second Language and loves photography and diving.