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Where to learn Korean in Singapore?

Korean / English Keyboard

Korean keyboard. Photo by knittymary

If you want to learn Korean in Singapore, you’ll find no lack of language schools that offer Korean classes.

In our directory, you can find an overview of most Korean classes that are available in Singapore.

There are so many that you may be a bit bewildered on how to choose.

Many discussions in forums and blogs are just about comparing one school to another and finding the “best” one.

But what’s “best” for your friend, may not be best for you. It depends on what you want to achieve. Here are a few common scenarios and suggestions on what to choose.

Scenario 1: You’re a beginner Korean learner and want to study part-time (evenings or weekends)

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NUS Extension has closed down!

NUS Extension logo— Update 8 April 2014 —

I just got confirmation that NUS Extension as a whole has been closed down.

So if you’re looking for any of their courses, you can stop your search. If you go to their site, you’ll find that it redirects to NUS Enterprise. This is an unrelated entity.

This article was first written when NUS Extension stopped their Korean courses and discusses some alternatives.


It’s really hard to understand that the language courses at NUS Extension are now done away with.

The official reason is to “align with the strategic direction” of the University. But what’s so strategic about closing down something that is successful that people are lining up for to join? What’s so difficult about at least finding a way to keep the teachers and students together, even if it’s not inside the NUS?

But enough complaining. If you were hoping to join a Korean, Mandarin or English course at NUS Extension, you will have to figure out an alternative now.

Here are the options that I can see. I don’t know everything, please feel free to comment if you have additional information.

NUS Extension Korean: alternatives

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Last tickets to SKIS’s Cultural Event!

Last week I received mail from the Singapore Korean International School.Post from Singapore Korean School

This is what was inside:

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GIVEAWAY: Teach Yourself Korean

In February, we gave one of our Facebook fans a free copy of Teach Yourself’s Complete Mandarin Chinese language pack, with a 496-page with complete audio support to one of our Facebook fans.

Some of you have rightfully pointed out that you’d much rather be able to win a book to learn Korean. After all, most of you are not beginner Mandarin speakers.

The people at Teach Yourself Club agree and have kindly provided a free copy of Teach Yourself Complete Korean (Book + CD).

Would you like to get the book worth S$ 59.95? All you need to do is like our Facebook page. You can also increase your chances by tweeting about the giveaway or following Yago on Twitter.

So enter the giveaway in the widget below! And who knows you’ll be holding the complete Korean language pack in your hands next week!

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Learn Korean: Singapore has a new option!

10% Off Intensive Korean course - On Yago onlyJust last year, GEOS celebrated their 15-year anniversary in Singapore.

And now they’ve just opened their first Korean class.

So far, they have specialized in English. Even up to today, many of their students come from Japan and Korea to learn English in Singapore.

Quite probably, some of the Japanese students will also take up Korean. And you may run into “live” Korean students while at the school to take your Korean lessons.

Why did GEOS decide to start offering Korean language?

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K-Pop in Thailand: Is the Korean Language Taking Over?

I Love K-PopForget Adele! Forget Lady Gaga! The hippest thing in South East Asia these days is a dose of K-pop!

Many of you reading this may not be old enough to remember the days before early 1990s – before the Internet and ‘globalisation’.

Back then popular culture formed locally and slowly spread to other countries via the media of TV, movies, magazines, travel etc. Nowadays it seems to spread quicker than the Bird Flu virus did and it sweeps over entire regions and continents in no time!

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Learning Korean online – Some “serious” resources

Blackboard with Korean vocabularyIn my previous post, I shared some really informal ways for learning Korean online though YouTube channels and podcasts. This second post links to some online Korean lessons that will be helpful for you if you’re looking for a more serious online learning method.

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Learn Korean Online through K-Pop

Goong Korean Drama cast6 Years ago, my friend introduced me to Goong, a Korean Drama about the story of an ordinary girl who lived in the Palace and lived like a Princess.  It was the first Kdrama (short for Korean Drama) that I ever watched and loved it!   I was so affected by the story that I even bought my own DVD so that I can watch it anytime I want to! And I also downloaded the soundtrack for the drama because I always feel moved (and sometimes teary-eyed!) whenever I listen to the song.

But that wasn’t enough for me.  I wanted to learn Korean for it.  That was what got me into self-studying Korean.  I know lots of you out there are like me.  I know we share the same dream – we want to learn Korean so that we won’t depend on subtitles anymore.  So let me share some of the things I tried and things that I think will help in learning the Korean language:
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Kpop in Singapore: Performances, Festivals and Korean Culture

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls performing “Nobody” at the 2008 Bucheon World Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo opening ceremony. Photo by 복사골철이

The Kpop craze has invaded Singapore! Indeed, Singapore was not spared, as it has fallen in love with the tunes, the moves, and even the fashion that these Asian stars have been infecting the world with. Various well-known Korean artists have already visited the country and there’s still several more coming before the year ends.

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Groupon Korean class? 3 Reasons not to go for it.

Image via

If you really want to learn a new language, rather than just getting a taste, Groupon is a waste of time and money. Before you pull out your credit card to buy the next Groupon Korean class deal (or any other Groupon class for that matter), consider the following 3 reasons not to buy:

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